50th Annual Scottish Games Sponsors & Patrons Reception

Friday, November 5th, 2021 at Quarters K in Riverfront Park

Patron’s & Sponsor’s Reception- SOLD OUT

Quarters K (Riverfront Park)

Friday, November 5th

6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Bringing Back Tradition

All that is old, is new again.

It is our distinct honor and pleasure to announce that the event, formerly known as the “Tartan Ball” or the “Traditional Sponsors and Scottish Friends Gathering and Reception,” will be returning to its original name: The Sponsors & Patrons Reception.

This was a decision that we made after a great deal of careful deliberation and consideration. The Charleston Scottish Games has a rich and storied history that dates all the way back to 1971, and so we believed that it would be best to get back to our roots and restore this event to its initial status with its initial name. This is, after all, the only event that is officially connected to the Scottish Games, and therefore we felt it was responsible to rebrand it with the name it was first given.

When, Where, & Dress

So with that said: come join us on the evening of Friday, November 5, at 6:30 pm at Quarters K at Riverfront Park (the same site where the Games will be held the following day) for The 2021 Sponsors & Patrons Reception! Scottish attire, as well as early arrival on Friday morning or afternoon to set up clan tents, is encouraged, but not required. Additionally, the Calling of the Clans will take place at 9:00 pm, just a short walk away from the reception area.

The Festivities

It’s been quite a while since all kilt and kin have congregated for this special occasion, to say the least. But in the meantime, we’ve been hard at work putting together an event that we truly believe will be worth the wait. Between the sweet sound of Celtic music (and perhaps a Piper or two), the delectable delight of southern cuisine, the joy of raising a glass of whiskey with friends and peers, and the aesthetic wonder of the beautiful oak trees on the banks of the majestic Cooper River, you won’t want to miss this year’s renewal of The Sponsors & Patrons Reception.

We look forward to seeing everybody there and resuming one of our greatest traditions in grand style.

Catered by: Salt House Catering  

PLEASE NOTE: This event requires a separate ticket from the Scottish Games on Saturday
and is a separate collection of festivities that kick off the Annual Highland Games.

Come with us to Scotland for the day! Get your tickets here.

The Games are still available, the Patron's Reception is SOLD OUT.