Charleston Scottish Games

Thank you for attending the 2022 Games. Check back in the Summer of 2023 for information on the 2023 Charleston Scottish Games!


Our History

With its inaugural event in 1971, the Charleston Scottish Games & Highland Gathering is the second oldest event of its kind in the southeast. Drawing visitors from around the country and abroad, the Games brings in over 8,000 guests, immersing visitors in Scottish heritage and history.

“Where Scottish History & Heritage Go Hand in Hand”

The Scottish people have made a large impact on South Carolina, helping it to become the state it is today. From music and food, to political and scientific contributions, Scottish heritage is something to be celebrated and promoted in modern life. The Charleston Scottish Games and Highland Gathering is on a mission to do just that. The Games showcases Scottish traditions, culture, and history in a fun and interactive way for people all over the world.









The Charleston Scottish Games is amongst the very best Scottish Festivals in North America. The hospitality, warmth and kindness are second to none. The generous spirit of the community of Charleston is equalled only by its passion and love for all things Scottish. I am most grateful for the kindness afforded to me and it was a sincere privilege to be part of the experience this year. I give my congratulations to the committee for a highly successful festival, and my warm thanks to the people of Charleston for such an impeccably generous welcome.

Jamie McGeechan



Our photo feed will be available again Summer of 2023. Please click on an icon below to view photos on our social media pages.

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We have been dedicated to spreading our unique Scottish heritage throughout the Lowcountry since 1971 and you can take on an important role in our mission. Help younger generations learn Scottish history, help Scottish people connect and keep their culture thriving in the Charleston area, and help educate people from all over about the great contributions of Scottish people. Become a sponsor today, sponsorships start at $500.


Riverfront Park
1061 Everglades Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405