Clan Fraser

Honored Clan for the 2023 Games

Clan Fraser Society of North America was formed in 1976 at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina. Our goal is to promote the general interests of the Clan and to cultivate the spirit of kinship and fellowship among our members throughout the Americas and with both Clan Fraser, whose Chief is Flora Fraser, 21st Lady Saltoun and Clan Fraser of Lovat, whose chief is Simon Fraser, the 18 th Lord Lovat; to collect and preserve literary, historical and genealogical records, documents and relics relating to the history of the Clan and Scotland; to honor our Scottish heritage and to cultivate among our members and descendants the pride and spirit of our Scottish ancestors; to render aid to all clansmen should they meet with adversity. In recent years, CFSNA® has grown into a multi-national organization with representatives in many states and provinces as well as members in Scotland.

Our current membership is about 400 members from across the USA, Canada and Scotland. We have 5 regional commissioners and invite you to our website if you would like additional information.

The motto of Clan Fraser, is “All My Hope is in God” and of Clan Fraser of Lovat “JE SUIS PREST”, French for “I Am Ready”.

Clan Arrival Information

  • Arrive on Friday, Nov. 3rd. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to arrive during the day to set up clan tents. We have shuttles taking clan items to the clan tents on Friday, Nov. 3rd. starting at 12pm.
  • Saturday, Nov. 4th, 5 am-7:30 am limited shuttle service to clan tents! No cars are allowed near the games after 7:30 am- on Games Day. It is a .5-mile walk from parking to the clan tents –
  • You are recommended to park in Parking Lot A on the day of the games.


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Which Clan Do You Hail From?

The Scottish people are known for their fierce loyalty to kinship and the clan system is proof of this. Discover your heritage and learn more about the clans that define Scotland at the Charleston Scottish Games and Highland Gathering!

During the Games, you can find clan tents lining the grounds. Many clans will be represented, from Armstrongs, MacDougalls, and Wallaces. By visiting these tents, you can learn more about the history of these clans, including their signature tartans, and maybe even learn more about yourself. With a genealogy tent on the grounds, you have a chance to discover more of your history and lineage and may find that you are part Scottish as well!

The Gaelic definition of the word Clan is children. A clan is a social group that shares a common ancestor. A clan also includes a number of dependent and associated families who have either sought the protection of the clan or have been tenants or vassals of its chief. All members of the clan owe allegiance to the chief. This tradition of adopting strangers into the clan and creating traditions and bonds with clansmen is a defining trait of the Scottish people.

The Scottish people have greatly impacted South Carolina, helping it become the state it is today. From music and food to political and scientific contributions, Scottish heritage is something to be celebrated and promoted in modern life. The Charleston Scottish Games and Highland Gathering is on a mission to do just that. With an annual event bringing in over 8,000 visitors, the Games showcases Scottish traditions, culture, and history in a fun and interactive way for people worldwide.


Questions About Clans?

Qualified Clans and Scottish Associations interested in participating in our events are invited to apply by contacting our Director of Clan Activities by e-mail at Clan Info and Registration. Clan Sponsorship is separate from Individual Sponsorship but includes Sponsor credentials for two (2) clan representatives.