Trophy & Awards

Trophy & Awards



One way to support the games is to make a contribution towards our athletes, dancers, pipers, drummers, bands and fiddlers. We have one of the largest fields of contestants of any games in the Southeast. Our expenses in providing this to you and the community, as you can imagine, are increasing every year. Lodging, judges’ fees, travel and awards are a large part of the costs absorbed by the games in order to show the community top level Scottish events.

Trophies are awarded to the top contestant in each class of athletics, piping, drumming, highland dancing and fiddling. Each year we award over 35 trophies and 250 medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze). There are five areas you may wish to consider: Athletics, Dancers, Piping & Drumming, Fiddling or medals. You may also designate how your support is listed in the Games Program.

Fill out the form below to help show your support for these participants in the games. You will be recognized for your support in the Games Program if we receive the donation by September 15, 2021.

Donations will be accepted after the September 15 deadline but printing of your name in the program under Trophy & Award Sponsors cannot be guaranteed.

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