Piping and Drumming

The Charleston Scottish Games and Highland Gathering is proud to offer the very best in Pipe Band, Solo Piping, and Solo Drumming competitions. Some of the best pipers and drummers in the world make their way here to compete every year.

This year we are proud to announce we are the site for the EUSPBA Southern Branch Grade 5 Pipe Band Championship.


Solo Piping and Solo Drumming for all grades will take place at Riverfront Park throughout Saturday morning, November 4th.  Band competitions for Grades 4 & 5 will take place on Saturday afternoon, starting at approximately 1:30 pm.

Scheduling details will be announced later.

We are unfortunately still recovering from the cancellation of the Games two years ago, so we are limiting events to those required for sanctioning by the EUSPBA.  Check the registration forms carefully for events offered for your grade and instrument. The forms should be completed by the applicant to ensure accuracy. No refunds will be honored.

Once your registration is received, you will receive more information via email, and later, there will be instructions in the envelope when your ticket is mailed to you. The deadline for registering as a band, or as a solo competitor, is October 17, 2023.  Entries postmarked later than October 17th, 2023 will not be accepted.

Bands will be emailed a participant waiver form.  The form is required and should be signed by only those members competing on the day of the Games.  The deadline for returning the signed waiver form is October 25th either, by email or mail.

Bands will receive a travel allowance, limited to the first 16 to register of:

0-99 miles: $50 / 100-199 miles: $100 / 200-299 miles: $200 /over 300 miles: $300


We will update this page and social media pages for more details and information about the specific piping events and schedules when that information is finalized. Be sure to check back here!

For more information, contact us at Charlestonscotpiping@gmail.com.